Quasi complementary outputs in a full complementary circuit

Hi guys,
Am rebuilding an amp which was originally full complementary.Am through with a pair of 2sa1943/2sc5200 with a supply of +/-50v.I intend to use the amp on a 4 ohm load so i needed to add another pair to the output stage.The (only)seller tells me that she wouldn't be stocking any of that stuff in small silicon packs this coming year.She has run out of genuine 2sa1943's,just the 5200's.Am on student budget and can't buy them online(who knows?they might as well be fake!).I have a crazy idea about my situation:i did something that none of you would do.I 'fixed' the trannys onto the heatsink with epoxy since i couldn't get thermal grease.Am not about to hammer a 1943 out so i was thinking maybe i could have the first pair in full complementary and the second pair in quasi complementary...like in ampslab's c200.1 quasi complementary.What do you think?Am just doing this out of necessity and don't know if it can work,can it?
If not,what changes do i need to make on the circuit to make it a quasi complementary amp?
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