2002-07-18 7:45 am
In all exitement I discovered today the concept of diy video projection. I consequently visited a few sites and read a few threads, but I am still in the dark as to what qualitative difference (say in %) there is between such projectors and of the shelf ones (say middle of the range)
I need 12 projectors for an art installation for three months
building 12 of those diy ones seem to offset the cost of renting, but quality is my concern, what do you think?
The DIY projectors being built today are roughly equivalent in quality to the commercial ones of the early/mid 90s (brightness, resolution, contrast etc.)

One of the reasons for this is that they are based on technology that WAS actually commercial in the mid 90s (most people are using used LCD OHP Projection panels from ebay that were once the cutting edge...)

The other factor at the moment, is size - the DIY ones are much bigger than the commercial ones...

For roughly equivalent projector technology, check out the Proxima 2800/2810 models that are floating around on Ebay.