Quality components in Australia

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any Australian outlets for so called "audiophile" grade components such as capacitors (Solen, Hovland, etc ...) and resistors.
I've found a few great overseas resources such as the catalog available at www.percyaudio.com, or the Welborne labs site, but I've yet to find local outlets with a similar caliber of component.

Any help will be much appreciated =)
RS has some nice bits too.

Importing stuff is not a big deal, and there are plenty of great places to deal with in the US, Europe and Asia. If there was an Australian agent along the lines of Percy Audio, I would think the prices would actually have to be higher than it costs to import, if you get a reasonable amount of stuff each order. Half a dozen Holcos from Percy is not economical (get Philips/Beyschlags from Farnell), but enough to build a whole amp is well worthwhile. Postage can be cheaper from some places o/s than say Perth to the small town in the East where I reside. Bigger stuff like speaker drivers are best to come via surface. I know all this, 'cos I've imported and exported a heap of gear this last year from all over the world.

As well as Percy there are,

<a href="http://www.triodeelectronics.com">Triode Electronics (USA)</a> . VERY highly recommended
<a href="http://www.welbornelabs.com">Welbourne Labs (USA)</a>
<a href="http://www.audiokit.it/ENG/Frames/Introduction1.htm">Audiokit (Italy)</a> Highly recommended.
<a href="http://www.diyparadiso.com/index2.htm">DIY Paradiso (Italy)</a>
<a href="http://www.angela.com/">Angela (USA)</a>
<a href="http://www.tubesandmore.com/silverware.exe/catalog@g:/tubetest/antique.fxp">Antique Electronic Supply (USA)</a> Also highly recommended

There are probably 30 more I can think of, and twice that many again for places that specialice in hardware such as phono carts, tape or small peices of hardware.

There is a list compiled in the archives recently for Australian sources for a lot of hardware. Perhaps someone would care to compile a list, and maybe Jason could find the space to host it.

Finally, there's www.worldtubeaudio.com/ which is a listing of all sorts of audio links including lots for parts. Directed towards tube users, but many of the places sell parts suitable for SS fans.

you looking in import your stuff, try this shop in Malaysia .
their website is www.octave-electronics.com. if i am not mistaken they do export stuff. They stock all audiophile quality as they as a diy supplement store for audio.
They stock hovland, jensen, blackgate, elna, holco, kiwame, tubes from different manufactures( kr, eh, sovtek, etc) and much more visit their site to find out more. It would be cheaper in mail cost for you since they are shipping from malaysia. prices are slightly slightly high for a malaysian but for an australian prices are half( currency ). check the site it might help you
Importing into Australia

<b>Audiofreak said</b>

then add about 20% by the time customs is finished with you hehehe

Not quite. Posting items into Australia where they have a value of less than $A499 almost without exception, will not be charged GST. Items above this price, or those without a valuation marked on them, or those openned by Customs deemed suspicious etc and then found to have a value exceeding $A499 will be charged GST. The package is sent to the local PO, and 'carded' with the amount you have to pay upon collection. The process is really no more involved than picking up a registered letter, except for the $. I have never been charged anything above the GST. GST is calculated based upon the declared (or assessed) landed value, including shipping. Personally, I find it easier to insure the item, and then there will be an official declaration on the outside, and it should go straight through.

Importing (not via the Post) requires the goods to go through a Customs Agent, who will charge a fee, usually per transaction, not per item. My last one was for $A147+GST, and I did all the leg-work and went to the Airport to pay Customs. Doing it myself saved me extra fees from the Agent, but it cost me several hours at Sydney Airport customs filling in their %#@$&*! form, devised by the Marquis de Sade. Dante was right: Customs is the 17th level in Hell. Eventually I got the form stamped, and went and collected my packages from the bonded store. The people at Customs confirmed the Postal proceedure above, and recommended I post small boxes like that in next time. I <i>thought</i> it would be easiest and cheapest to do it myself. Next time I'll pay the fees to the CA or post them.

So my advice is to post in items, especially things like components or even kit amps. I get drive units regularly from the US and Europe through the post (<20Kg). Insure them for peace of mind, and the declaration. If you are ordering lots of stuff, maybe do it in several small orders to keep it under $499, and even though the postage is a bit higher, it's usually a lot less than the GST, unless the items are heavy. Pay by credit card, so you have a record and can argue if they get the GST wrong. It's been spot-on for the 50 or so items I've imported in the last 12 months.

Currently I'm building pre and power amps, so I'm ordering almost all the parts from o/s suppliers. When I had the list of what I needed, I got online and hunted for prices. I have stuff coming from the US (3 places), Italy, Lithuania and Germany. Did it all online, except for faxing CC details, and was still cheaper than getting it all from Percy or Welborne. None of the packages will exceed $A250, so no GST and the postie leaves it at my house. Less effort than going to Jaycar. I bought what I could locally.

AudioFreak said:
Well it sound like you got off lightly many peoples experience with australian customs runs something along the lines of the charges seemed to vary wildly according to however the customs officer was feeling on the day. But i do agree that the postal system is the easiest method.

Indeed, I recently imported a couple of butterflies from China, now this is a whole new kettle of fish when it comes to electrical components, and the bill reflects this, quite, quite well...

DO NOT Import Butterflies from Asia or anywhere into Australia! It will cost you easily the worth of the items in the Customs fee! When it eventually arrives, typically two weeks after you receive the item...

Onto another story, I've been importing rather large and heavy items from the USA for the past two years, I never once had to pay for a customs fee because (I'm assuming) #1 I've used extremely slow surface/boat shipping and #2: the items were declared on a sheet of paper upon the outside of the box in a plastic leaflet as being harmless by the USPS, neither have I received an opened box as of yet by Australian Customs and these are pretty big and heavy items.

All of the slow items arrive via Australia post, I've found the typical ETA for a surface package is about 6 to 8 weeks, now they quote 4-6 weeks, this I'm sure is independent of the time of year and they're just doing it to **** me off :)

Infact I'm currently awaiting my third package for this month and just ordered another from Welbourne Labs :D (Free shipping until 01/01/05)

I'm re-capping my Yamaha A-760 (Dedicated Theatre amp) the amp features Two Toshiba 2SB755's and Two Toshiba 2SD845's and a power consumption of 520w (Class-A 120w/ch) with Panasonic filtering caps, Elna Cerafine for the B649/D669 Phono preamplifier PCB and a couple of sections with the cheaper Nichicon...

It's worth the trouble imho, the sound is to die for and I can do a lot of modifications with this amplifier, stepped volume control, replace the preamplifier circuitry, re-do and bypass equalizer control quite easily with plenty of room to spare :)

Happy Holidays!
aust custom seens to be a bit of a dark grey zone!

However a relative works for customs & recons the following.

If the item comming in is "cool" , "insignificant" & "dosn't smell interesting" they will probably ignore it & pass it straight thru.

If it is declared & it is under $50 collectable duity they will pass it straight thru.

If it is declared and its not much over $50 collectable duty they might not bother & pass it straight thru.

If its not declared, or they think its sus, they take a real good look at it, count it ,value it & it its over $50 duty they will zip you for every cent oweing & probably a processing fee.

BTW these days the don't need to open anything to take a bit of a look inside the new xray gear is very funky.
The BIG unit will take a 40 foot container on the trailer still connected to the prime mover and they can see everything even the rods & pistons in the engine of the prime mover.

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