Quad 988's, with or without socks

I rebuilt my Quad 988's over the winter. They turned out great. I have decided to sell them and keep a pair Vandersteen Quadro's I got a great deal on. I have the classic gold 988's. I threw out the old sock's.

Do I put new socks on or sell them without socks? What do people think is best?

To really sell them , the rebuild is the most important since all these and even the 12xx
Models are having panel issues

Proof of the rebuild would be what an intelligent buyer would want

The socks are not important in comparison

Good move , Vandersteens are stiff competition for anything

Thanks David and Sheldon,

I think I will sell them without the socks and offer to install them if the buyer wants them. Good point about the rebuild being the most important thing. I will highlight the materials used and my experience. I still have no idea what price to ask, but that is a different discussion.

Yes, it is your cred that matters most here. But you have to discern what supports your claim. For example:

When selling a second BMW motorcycle, I boasted that I sold a previous BMW motorcycle to a guy from Munich. And I sold that one to a motorcycle mechanic. Both presumably sophisticated buyers.


Thanks, I think I can make a good case. Years of DYI work. This is the fourth set of Quads that I have rebuilt. I used the kit from ER Audio. But who knows. I have no idea what they are worth. I will just have to set a price and see where it goes.

Sheldon, what tape do you use around the top and bottom where the grill meets the plastic end cap? I have tried book binding tape and that is OK. Hockey tape is not good.