Quad 303 supressor values?


2014-09-09 11:07 am
Anyone knows the values for the switch Rifa pop suppressor? It doesn't say any on it and it's blown. Well, it's been blown for years and I get no pops but I've came across a bunch of suppressors so maybe one will be the right value to put it back in the Quad to keep it neat.


2003-02-11 9:02 am
330n or 220n is fine. Your suppressors should have suitable values, no? I googled 303 schematic, looks like 0.03uF (not clear on this image but you can google better image). 0.03uF = 30nF. To me it's too small to be effective, but you have noticed that there was no problem without it. So choose any one that you have, around 100n or less.
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