Q on Jordan Enclosure Design

Hi, I want to know what kind of foam/material (e.g. wool??) should I use in this enclosure design.


Should I use? :confused:

1) Insulation Foam like this



2) Wool, a thin layer of wool

The Mark Audio profiled foam would work well (they design speakers with the Jordan drivers) but BAF (bonded acetate fibre) or similar (Acoustistuff?) would also be okay. You're only trying to attenuate the high frequencies from reaching the back of the driver. Experiment. One builder on a previous post built a pair with no stuffing in at all and thought it sounded great.


2003-08-29 7:58 pm
I know someone with JX92Ss in 12 litre enclosures with baffles, tops and bottoms of plywood (layered) and walls made of two aluminium sheets bent into curves about 25mm apart. The gap was filled with polyurethane foam.

The walls were dead when tapped, and the Jordans sounded great in them - although not as good as in GMs 48" MLTL design, which is the one I built.