Q: headphone amp with variable distortion


2008-02-02 5:32 pm
I'd like to build a simple tube-only headphone amp that has an adjustable level of tube-specific low order harmonic distortion. Something that can be adjusted with a pot from fairly linear 0.1% (or lower) to about 10%. It will be used exclusively with 600ohm K240M headphones so output impedance is not a big issue. Should have good voltage swing without hard clipping and other high order junk though.


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2006-11-02 6:15 pm
This design has variable feedback and variable tail current in the long tail pair. Perhaps a design such as this may give you the adjustability that you seek?


I am not sure where the original article is. Maybe a search for ' cavalli lovell ' might help.

Good luck.

[ edit : I just noticed that you said that you wanted simple. Oops ]