PWM SG3525,IRFPS3810 for 5KW power inverter


2010-10-11 1:50 pm
Need asistance for may project power supplay input DC24V output DC320/340V with SPWM SG3525, IRFPS3810(100V,170A).
This driving 4xIRG4PC50FD(600V,39A) AC240V 50Hz 5KW.
I have followings questions:

1. Number of fuses 2,3 or 4 100A from battery side
2. Numbers of IRFPS3810
4. Which Fuse used in Ampers for protect output side 320/340V
5. Output AC240V for 5KW 25A if my be good

SPWM inverter DC24V output AC240V 50Hz 5KW have 2x IR2110, 4 x IRG4PC50FD, microcontroller ATMEGA 16 generate pure sine wave, controls output voltage, output ampers, low voltage battery, etc


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    pwm converter sg3525 dc24v output dc320v.PNG
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