PV CS800 clip LED's & power switch don't light

PV CS800 clip LED's & power switch don't light

Amp operates fine except for a pop after shutting it off. Both the power/temp rocker switches are unlit along with the clipping LED's. Is this a simple fix? Its one of the ancient CS800's and refuses to die. I was wondering if the problem may be inter-related. Waiting on a schematic from peavey.


2003-01-18 9:50 am
Which one is it on the picture?
Not sure about the pop, memory is fading on these old Peavey's but IIRC this would be normal.

/Hugo :)


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Hugo, we refer to the lower one as the "wind tunnel" type due to the vent from front to rear.

I responded to this question over in the Peavey forum too.

The rocker switch lights are internal neon lamps. If they quit, you either replace the switch or live with no light.

The DDT lights only come on if you actually get into clipping. The amp then limits so it will not clip. Your speakers will thank you as will your listeners. SInce the two channels are independent, if both sides don't light the DDT, it is either disabled or you are not hitting the inputs hard enough.