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Psvane and Shuguang Tubes

I think I just pointed out, NOS 6SL7 from the '80s I paid less than 1 EURO 50 for them in Russia.
Off the shelf.

Worked exactly as expected (one section of a US GE round plate 6SL7 in my amp failed heater, 1st time I have ever seen it, but it was 60yrs old!)

I've turned down Svetlana genuine 6550 - matched quads from Russia - old only 1hr test for less than 250USD.
SV 6550 are better than any KT88/6500 copy since GEC stopped making them.
Sadly SVET stopped making comsumer stuff that thanks to Mr Matthews, but there's shed loads of octal dual triodes in Russia NOS.
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