• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

PSU dimensioning for pre-amp

I have decided to give the 12AU7 based pre-amp described at the following (excellent) page a try:

DIY 12AU7 Tube preamp

However, regarding the B+ supply, what current drawn should I expect. My naive calculation would be to sum all load point currents up (2*6 + 2*11 = 34mA), and add a margin (say 20%). Would that do it? How would a more correct calculation be done?

(I'm planning to use a MOSFET based power supply and a homemade transformer taking 230VAC, outputting 230VAC + 6.3VAC. Since I like slimmed designs I don't want to use an overkill sized transformer, thus my question.)

Best regards, Robin Lilja