psone screen

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apple crusher said:
has any one tried using a fluoresant striplight housing with the white reflective panel from the backlight in a projection system?

would the light not get diffused better thro' the lcd before going into the projection lens?

Well I have a psone panel Interact Mobile one to be exact and it has those silver colored sheets (light difusers).... I have tried them even one at a time. What they do and dont do.

They DO.... even the light out so no hotspot is aparent and help the corners of image get brighter

They DONT....make the hole image brighter bUT dimmer as it difuses almost too much. Plus if you hold the sheet up to light you will see it is about 50% refective and 50% transmisive. So while you are difusing the light well you are also loosing 50% of source light at the same time.
I dont know if the flourecent would help any though. Its really dim compared to your source light.

Hope that helped some.:)
not the fluoresent light that came with the screen i was talking about but compact fluoresent bulbs, as in the uk can not get L.O.A lights and dont want the probs of metal halaide if i can help it.

what i was thinking was to replace the backlight with a super bright backlight and use the same idea as the big screen box with a 15" t.v this would make the projector quite long but narrow
with no need for cooling.

was thinking of around 4-6 compacts in a light box 23W per bulb as 23W fluoresent gives around 125w normal light so equivalent light would be 500-750W of light less reflected light, and as there is no need for fans and ducts there would be no light loss.
Hmm, true, but flourecent light goes all over. Its very hard to get it to focus and then shoot through the lcd. Out of that 125watts of Incadescent equivilant light, which is way less than 125watts of halogen or maybe actually using 1/10th of it. The rest is just bouncing all over the place. The prob. I had was it made it hard to focus the output image. Was kinda blurry no matter what I did. I think the CFL's they use are slightly dif. There are alot of dif. types of flourecents and some are specific in their nature/purpose. Also they are using a difuser (lines etched in plastic panel) then light polarising films. We arent using either cause it dimms the light source too much. Really if it was that easy the big co.'s would have long ago just used really powerfull CFL's and eliminated the heat problems of small projectors. Also bulb price would be way less, thus making projectors even more profit per sale. By all means, give it a go and let us know what you get....but I had no luck with FL's yet. Though you may. Its really a matter of getting the light to focus, instead of just blasting all over the place.

Good luck, Me.... I gave in and got MH.:D
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