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PS3 setup for ripping SACDs

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Hi All,

Here is hopefully everything you need for PS3 ripping, Windows or Mac extraction, or server mode capability of the SACD ripper (rip directly to LAN), and any necessary PCM conversion (native DSD playback is MUCH preferred).

I have just finished ripping all my SACD's to hard drive in DSD format and I'm wondering if anyone is interested in buying the PS3 with the hack already done and software?

Having found the software to perform the hack, finding the machine was very difficult as not only were there a couple of models that were capable of doing the ripping, they had to be un-updated, running a early software version.

This PS3 is still usable as a game system but has a "game" called SACD Ripper which performs an ISO copy of the SACD to disk.

There is other software, included, that will take the image file and convert to DSD. Software is both for Windows and Mac.

Whats it worth?
Hi Esteban,

I paid £150 ($210 / €190) for the machine and the software was just a merry dance around the internet for two months or so:confused:.

Finding the machine took weeks of trawling second hand markets as there are only four models that will work:mad:. Just when you think you have found one it will have an updated software patch which you cannot reverse.:bomb:

The initial question was how much is it worth to someone else and please remember shipping unless you want to use your own courier?

Having done an experiment to find out if the power supply is dual voltage I can confirm that the PS3 will only run on 230V / 220V (UK and European voltages).

If any one is interested then please PM me.

The delivery includes:

  • Step by step instructions on how to rip an SACD
  • 1 PS3 hacked to play the 'game' SACD ripper which creates ISO of the SACD.
  • Software to extract DSD files from the ISO for both MAC and windows
  • All the software that I found in the internet

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.