PS schematic CLC for aleph 2


2019-09-26 1:11 pm
Hi All,

im looking for a PS schematic to power the aleph 2 mono's. As far as i could find out a unregulated PS with inductors is more quiet (less ripple) as a CRC?
also inrush protection etc please.

I've got a 600VA torroidal, 12 x 10k uF rated 105 C C's per channel and still got to buy the inductors which i dont know the value and at how many amps these should be rated? 10A? or if these can be mounted on a PCB :)

The blocks not goin to run at their maximum cap, so i like to keep things within reasonable proportion.

I dont have much experience with amplifiers, so still browsing the pass forum and absorb as much information as possible.

Thanks everyone!