ps cap significance

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I've had lots of experience with cap quality in push pull class a and ab amps, and how it makes a difference.

Has anyone tried Nichicon muse or Elna Silmics (or any other audio grade cap) with a SOZ and found a considerable improvement?

I ask as 100,000uf of audio grade cap is rather expensive, at the point where multiple optima batteries would be a better shot

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Mark hathaway

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
The nice thing about a balanced class A amp like the
SOZ is that it truly draws constant current from the
supply, regardless of what the signal is doing, and so
it is much less sensitive to the impedance offered by
the power supply.

Having said that, the large current drawn by the circuit
constantly does work the capacitors and everything else
much more than they are accustomed to in an AB design,
and you must allow for quite high ripple currents in the
capacitors, along with some fairly large values to keep
the ripple voltage down to a reasonable figure.