Proxima Ovation A822C Dimming

Hi Peeps. Just constructed my newely LCD, OHP Combo. Works rather nicely. The only problem I am having is that the lcd does this thing where it gets dim, them back bright again. Not fading to the point of going pitch black. But considerably enough to where you can notice. Anyone have any feed back on this?

i am not familiar with your panel's functions so i don't know what the signal menu means. What i would do is to hook up a tv or vcr signal to the panel and see if it dims in and out. or hook up the dvd --> vcr--> tv along with the panel such that the same signal is sent from the dvd to both at the same time. then see if the dimming occurs at the same time on the tv as well as the panel.

By the way, what kind of reponse time does your panel have? Any lag in fast motion scences?