Projector Problems-HELP!

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Hey all,

I got a Nview Spectra pro and a 3m 9085 OHP (4000lumens).

I am using a Parkland Plastex screen. My problem is 2 things.

1. When watching a movie (DVD) the pannel seems to switch brightness's, like it has an auto adjust for different sceens. Scenes will wash out completely white then will go back to normal. This isnt the DVD because it happens with all movies. I have tryed every setting on the remote, nothing seems to do much. Even if the brightness is all teh way down it still jumps the brightness up and down. i am trying to figure out if its the pannel thats the problem or if its the OHP, i think its the pannel.

2. When i make the screen all black the bottom of the screen is lighter then the top, it also seems to have a greenish tint to it, kind of like when your brother puts a maget to your tv or monior, but that odviously doesnt happen with LCDs. It isnt the OHP because if i flip the pannel over it does the same thing on the top of the picture.

Please help! thanks in advanced for any input.

Your brightness/dimness problem sounds like macrovision to me.

Try a movie from VCR instead of DVD- I bet the pic will stay a constant brightness then.

I believe there are ways around macrovision, such as using the vga input instead of rca or s-video in (you need a special adapter).

or you may be able to mod the firmware in your dvd player

macrovision is a common problem with these panels...

I had the same problem...but not as harsh of a change from dim to bright as your situation(mind just dimmed a little about every 6 seconds)...and yes it sounds like Macrovision...
If you you look under my post on 3Dog Theater Open you will see a link for TV-3000 VGA...this helped to resolve my macrovsion...there are other products that people have used I just happen to try this one and it woked for me.
I just thought of something that might be a use for everyone. I got one of these boxes called "RCA converters" for dvd players if you dont have A/V jacks on your tv. They cost abotu 24dollers US at bestbuy or a simular place. I am almost positive this should work, but we'll see. Basicly you hook the DVD player into the RCA converter, via coacx cable, into the vcr. then you use an AV cable to connect from the VCR to the panel. seems like it should work, i will tell you if it does. It would be an easy, and cheap, solution to this macovision problem.

Well i guess i was wrong, still trips the macrovision. I am very supprised that it does because the vcr is being connected to the DVD player by coax cables. I dont have a very good understanding of how macrovision works, it must also be triped when its converted to coax cables. oh well it was worth a try. Anyone know of *cheap* solutions to removing macrovision? any way of editing my DVD player?

THanks for the help,

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