projection with mirrors

gidday, just a note! as i said in my thread i am going to try and use a film and slide projector for my ohps, last night i fired a picture at a mirror from approx 3 m , the image on the mirror was about 1m wide and .5 of a metre high, so you can obviously assume how big the mirror was, the room is approx 6m in length x
3.6m wide so i was in the centre of the room, the mirror was about 1.2m off the floor and tilted back about 25mm, my ceilings are 3.6m high.
anyway it through a picture behind me onto the wall, the projection was 3m x 2m approx, and crystal clear, with the tilt on the mirror i had no distortion with the shape of the picture and it was up nice and high, this type of system may be of use where
room is of a premium.:)

catcha tony