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Project One DR-331 TT for sale


2011-09-19 8:39 pm
Nice budget table. Belt drive. Decent arm. Arm and platter suspended from the chassis.

I bought this table as a parts mule for a project that never really got started. The table is in good shape except the platter bearing seems to be rather stiff. You can turn the platter, but the belt drive hasn't enough torque to spin the platter. Might be an easy fix (like it might just need lubrication) but I never bothered as I figured that I was going to tear the table apart for the arm, motor and controller.

Dust cover is not cracked, but it could use a good polish.There is a cartridge there that I know nothing about.

Just to be clear - the drive motor spins as it should, but the belt just slips. I have never played the table, so there might be something else wrong with it that is unknown to me. Please consider this a project (excuse the pun).

$50 plus shipping (from 02067)


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I trust Fedex over ups or Usps
Fedex has never damaged anything I’ve shipped or had shipped as the drivers are independent contractors and or financially responsible for any damages to your packages as with the other shipping companies they are just hourly employees and could give a crap
I’ll get back to you in this table
I really like it. Are you open to any trades?
I have tons of audio and speakers parts and gear for home and car