Project Delta

I’m a self-taught engineer and a newcomer to DIY audio. I recently built my first amplifier. Instead of using the blameless or BC-1 as a reference, my goal was to create something simple that wasn’t based on an existing design. No long tail pairs, no current sources, just enough silicon for playing music. To make it a bit interesting, I adhered to one self imposed constraint; avoid coupling capacitors or inductors in the signal path. The result is a push-pull class A amplifier that I call Project Delta.

Output power? About 15 watts into 8 ohms.
Distortion? I estimate 1% at peak power, primarily second order.
Frequency response? Yes.

I didn’t try to do it perfectly, just to do it myself. By that measure, I succeeded in all I set out to do. As luck would have it, it also sounds good to me.

I have little to no ability, know-how, or desire to take meaningful measurements. If that’s what you’re here for, accept my deepest apologies. Attached is a simplified circuit diagram and pictures of my monoblocks if it may satisfy your curiosity.


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