Proccesor deconstruction.


I have a simple question, but as always as this is a specialist forum Inever know which section to place it in!

I have spotted a damaged processor on eBay with the decoding section ot working. If this works I have scored a super deal.

I want to use the unit soley as a 5.1 preamp.

It has a 5.1 bypass input (which is nice as it bypasss the fault)

Unfortunatly it only has powered speaker outputs.

Wheras I need RCA outputs as I wish to use my own amps.

I have made the mistake before of placing speaker outs into rca ins, but thats a different story =-)

I want to add my own RCA outputs.

It is as simple as taking the wires before they hit the amp section and soldering a RCA plug onto it, or is it more complicated?

Please reply fast, the amp I am wanting to mod is finishing on eBay in a few days!