Problems with piggy backed TDA1541


2002-04-08 6:41 pm
Hi All,
I have piggybacked two TDA1541 DAcs (one an A1, the other an S1). All pins are connected to each other, except for the pins requiring the connection of a 680pF cap. Both DACs have their own 680pF cap (the original DACs 680pF cap is surface mounted, while the added DACs 680pF cap is a leaded polyester cap).

Problem: After the CD player is switched off, the DAC will take up to 20 minutes to produce sound from the left channel, while teh right channel during this period is completely distorted. After up to 20 minutes have passed, a popping sound occurs on the right speaker and everything is fine, with great sounding music!

The powersupply is TL431 based, preceded by LM317/337 regulators for both +_5 and -15V. Any ideas on what can be causing this problem?

Many thanks