• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

problem with speaker

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hello everyone...i have a valve guitar amp( clone of marshall 1974x) and i don't have amp speaker..today i used the speaker from my car and is 160watt 4 ohm ( oval speaker ). i connect with my amp, and i playing ..after 2-3 minutes the sound in speaker it's like the wire have problem, ie pause the audio and restarts after a second...my amp is 18 watt......i don't know.....the speaker for hi-fi are diferents from guitar speakers? or my el84 power tubes have problem???? please help me
Could be the speaker, could be the amp. It's hard to say exactly. It's possible you would have overdriven the oval speaker, especially if the guitar amp was turned up with a lot of overdrive. Was the guitar amp working before you tried it with the oval speaker? Or was this the first time you have tried the amp?
If it is only a problem when on overdrive I would think it's the amp then. When using the amp on overdrive you could more easily burn out the speaker if its not built to be used in a guitar amp. But because the speaker is working when the amp is set to clean the speaker probably did not get burned out. The issue lies in the overdrive circuit.
logic would be to blame SPEAKER hi-fi...
I do not think the blame Amplifier.....i want to try to playing with guitar speaker. i have one 100 watt from my marshall but
I do not know whether any harm to the speaker ... the amp is 18 watts and 100 watts speakers are....someone know about those range? is bad to use 100 watts speaker from 18 watts output???
its a car sub speaker.... and wrong impedance one poster said you were overdriveing the speaker..... no you were not if it was really 160 watts and that amp was 18watts clean more distorted but not no where near enough to overdrive that speaker.... bet it sounded horrible being that most car subs have a voice coil larger than 2inches and not really designed for higher frequencies lol. was it sterile as hell sounding? lol
Another thing I want to say that .... This amp has an output bus to 100 watts. and the cabin has 4 speakers 70 watts each ...... so the watts from the amplifier output divided; The 'should be used or the forced itself says watt amplifier with YOU WANT Number of speakers;;;;;;;;;;;
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