Problem with Sony SA-WM40

SQ Kid

2003-04-02 12:57 am
hey everyone, got a little problem here. Purchased a used Sony SA-WM40 since i had heard it was a pretty good bang-for-buck (especially since I paid under $100 for it). It worked great for a few weeks, then nothing. so much for the bang part.

the sub will turn on if you push the power button, but then it seems to go right into power save mode (you can hear a click inside the unit). tried a different cable, tried a completly different source, same issue. cracked open the case and the only fuse inside that i could find was in good shape. i didnt see any bad traces or burn marks anywhere.

has anyone done work on these and had a common issue with them? i was able to scrounge up the service manual, but there are no specific tests or issues it recommends. any help is much appreciated, as i am bass-less at the moment.