problem with realtek alc860

I have just bought a new pc with an onboard audio driver - "Realtek high defenition audio alc 860"
for some reason the line in connection does not work and in the windows control panel the recording device option is not

enabled at all.
as much as i know, this audio driver has the ability to work as a surround audio card and the line in can be assigned as a

"rear left and rear right" outputs instead of the line input, and that in order to assign the inputs to eather surround or

normal inputs/outputs i need to use the realtek control panel, but the problem is that the realtek software application does

not work either, and after downloading different types of drivers from several sites (including intel wich is the manufacture

of my motherboard) it still does'nt work...
I really need to find out why this is happening and how to fix this problem as fast as i can because i use this PC for my

work as an audio editor, and i need the line in to work so i can record from external devices such as minidiscs to my

I will really apreciate any kind of help.

My PC:
Intel D915pcy motherboard
3 Gigs, 64 bit
512mb DDR2 - 533MHz
Windows XP pro (32 bit)