Problem with AMP or RCA's?


2020-01-01 4:41 pm
Hello bassheads! I ran into problem with my class d amp. First of all, im not english guy, but i hope you all will understand me.

So. I was changing sub wires and my amp wasnt turned off, so i got sparkles when screw driver touched amp body. After that my subs started to go like a heartbeat even when volume is 0 on headunit. I have 4ch mchammer 1200w amp. No matter which input i put those RCA's sub is going like a heartbeat.

Tried to do RCA to 3.5mm thing, heatbeat was away. Does that mean i messed up with RCA who is going from headunit to amp? Or there could be blown channel? Cuz i tested volts, every channel was ''positive 0'' and one went ''negative 0'' but subs are working into bridge. Im running 2x 1000w max/~400rms subs bridged.

Problem looks like this - YouTube
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