Problem in pitch TECHNICS SL 1210

Hello Friends,

I bought a pair of TECHNICS SL 1210 and I repaired a small problem in the pitch.
When I place 2 music similar with the pitch in 0 the mixing she leaves perfect during the whole time.
When I remove the pitch of the 0 and I take him for +2 in both she plays them disks BPM already seedling, then I have to alter the pitch of one of them for +1,5, after made this the mixing it is perfect...
When I place in +8 I have to place in the other +6, and looking at the plate of the two in movement with the pitch in +8 of the to see perfectly that one of the lair disks wheel more slowly...

Can this problem be the pitch? or components like Q2, Q1 and D3? because when I bought one of them vein with problems and these components were substituted...

I await return.

Thank you
Willian - Brazil


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2003-01-18 9:50 am

To adjust the pitch correctly, connect a frequency counter between TP27 and ground and adjust VR301 for 268.08 kHz, +/- 0.05 kHz.
Next adjust VR302 for 2.7kohm, +/- 0.1 ohm, measured between TP31 and TP32.
VR302 is the trimpot located on the same PCB as the pitch slider.

The Service Manual is downloadable but I can't recall where. Try Google. :)

Hello Friends!

Thank you very much for the help! however he would like to do another question...

Which to real function of the Transistors regulator Q2 and Q3 and diodo Zener D3???

If Q2, Q3 and D3 doesn't go original a similar transistor goes it can interfere in the plate?

Thank you friends!