Problem in creative I-trigue 3400 speaker system


2008-04-14 10:19 am
Just want to know, anyone has the similar problem with me?

1)the subwoofer not output

2)the left speaker output lower than the right speaker output

I planning to repair myself as it not more warrantly at all. Anyone has it's shcematic kindly let me know so i can repair easily and know what problem happen.:dead:


2004-06-18 1:34 pm

tell me have you taken the sub apart yet?
if so tell me what you see.

my gues is that you'll find several IC on the heat sink..
if i'm correct the best is to google the name of the IC's with "+datasheet" in the search, and then study the datasheet.
(it sould not be difficult to find)
there are usually a "default" Schematics that is not to far from what they have produced..