Probably a simple question, regarding volume control


2010-09-26 6:14 pm
Hi all,

I had a look around the forums and couldn't find the answer I was looking for, hope this hasn't been answered before.

I have a pair of active Wharfedale diamonds, with a decent creative sound card as the audio source.

As it stands, there is no volume control other than software, which I have to turn down to 5% to be sociable/painless.

This, however, results in clicks and sounds whenever I scroll or something graphically intense happens on-screen, which I assume is due to the card not being isolated/screened sufficiently. If, however, I could turn up the software volume, but limit it between card and speaker, I assume the clicks would reduce in volume compared to sounds I actually want to hear.

I am looking for a passive volume control/limitation solution. I have a few basic parts and soldering gear already.

Thanks in advance for any advice,