Proac 2.5 clone x-over comments

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Hi there

I realise that this topic has been covered to death, but please allow me to mention some personal experiences. When I originally built my Proac Clones, I used the v6 x-over from Troels. I have been listening to my clones for a few months, but I always felt that something was not quite right with the sound. Dynamics were somewhat muted and I was not happy with the midrange projection.

Last night I decided to build a pair of the Jacq x-overs (with the 1R5 resistor in series with the 7uF capacitor and 47R resistor in parallel with the 1.8mH inductor). I built one Jacq x-over and hooked it up to one speaker. The music from that channel jumped out at me with new levels of dynamics, midrange clarity and projection and seemed at least 1-2 dB more sensitive than the channel with the Troels x-over. I finished the second x-over and hooked it up to the other channel, but something did not sound right. The second x-over had a dull and muted sound compared to the known working one. I had forgotten to add the resistor in // with the 1.8mH inductor!

Once the problem had been fixed I was amazed at the new levels of transparency and dynamics that my clones had gained. Imaging and soundstaging has also improved dramatically. Also, the gain in apparent sensitivity has proven beneficial.

My question is this: If the woofer inductor has the effect of muting the dynamic range of the woofer, should we not look at a DIY design that has no x-over on the woofer (similar to some Epos speakers)? Does anyone know of any DIY projects like that?

B.T.W. I treated my D2010 tweeters with Damar varnish as suggested by Troels, but I treated them from the front without cutting them open. It seemed to work 100% and there is very little risk of destroying the tweeters.


First, sorry for hijacking the thread but i managed to put my foot in it and need some confirmation rather quick.

I managed to missread some parts of a homepage and ordered 1,8mH tritec aircoreinductors with DCR at 0,48ohms instead of basic 2mm aircoil with DCR of 0,28ohms.
Does this present a problem when it should be closer to 0,20ohms?

The real problem is that i ordered the parts for my brothers clones and i don´t want to mess up his first project when i have spent so long time talking him into building them.

So, can anyone give some advice? go ahead with what i got or order some new and admit that i screwed up?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.