preamplifier Pass X2.0/1

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I have been searching on the forum for members who buit this preamplifier but couldn't find anybody.

I already have built the aleph 1.7 and before to invest money for good parts i would like to build something else to check out if another version could satisfy my needs better than the aleph P.

I would like to know if anybody have tried this pre and the eventual impressions.
I have the service manual for the X2 rev.0 and rev.1 and the only difference seems to be the positive rail voltage supply that from 85V goes up to 90V.
I was wondering if anybody has a more updated service manual.
The last version should be the X2.5 ...i don't know...something like rev.3 or rev.4.

Thanks in advance for the attenion.

I also got the SM for the X0.2-3.

With regard to this model, i found a post posted here long time ago, where members were wondering what the blocks UGS3,4 might be.
On the SM that i have it is not very clear.

I would like to build this preamplifier and compare it to the Aleph P1.7.

Can anybody help me to clarify the schematic for the X0.2?
The Pumpkin seems X0 inspired and a bit more sophisticated. Too bad that thread is so difficult to follow :)

I think there have been a lot of discussions here about the UGS blocks.

The main reason X2 does not seem popular is the absence of a group buy. We love being diyers, especially if someone else does the work.
well if i can have the schematic i don't have problems to draw a board and test it and share and build the project with everybody here on the community.

I was just wondering if maybe ...since people were wondering about 3 years ago what there is inside the black box.... maybe now.....3 year later.....the SM might be accessible....i don't know...
nobody is interested? seems to be a very nice ...interesting....challenging....i think it is a better project than the Aleph P or Aleph L ...but i might be wrong...

Hope that interest on this project might rise up and as what happened with the AlephX to be able to build a DIY version of the pre X2...

GRolliiiinnnnnn hheeeellllpppppppp.....

:bawling: :bawling:

yeah the challenging with the aleph P was enough fun...but now it is over.
I tested the sound and found it to be good but not what i was exactly searching for.
It is nice and most of all there will still be a biiig improvements once and if i will change the coupling capacitors and match the IRFs...i know.

But a certain point i decided that i would have liked to make something more up-dated....and my attention was caught by the X2 preamplifier.

Your reply gave me the hint to check out the pumpkin preamplifier.
I am reading is a little confusing and full of slang that sometimes makes thing harder for who is not an en mother language...but anyway...
It seems very interesting....i haven't read it all yet...of course...i quick checked the different pages and with my dismayed (maybe i'm wrong) i haven't found any comment from Nelson Pass...and nobody at leas for what i have seen up so far....talks about the sound.....or comparison....but i'll keep looking.

I'm interested on deep-in the subject of the pumpkin and re-make the layout for different parts.

I haven't gotten though Chef De Gaar's UGS.....what is it?
Is it a possible interpretation of the UGS blocks from this guy?

Where can i find it?

Thanks for your interesting hints
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well unfortunately i don't speak i would almooouuusst be more inclined to continue with the english slang...

anyways thanks i'm and i'm going to check these 3ds.

I know you guys are much more experienced than i am....and probably you have already built both...what do you guys suggest me to go for? the pumpkin or the X2 using the UGS module implemented by Cheff?

What sounds better for you?
i rarely understand your answers....if you wanna say something up-building then are obviously your comments for another context.....

maybe your comments was up-building..maybe not....unfortunately as usual i haven't understood you explain yourself a little better so that everybody here can get an added value with your post(s)?
Stefanoo :
If I may try a short exegesis of Babo's words :

UGS & Pumpkin are both worth trying it.
At this level of quality, only you can say what you would prefer...
So : Going to the bench and
in the silent of the night ... soldering the parts together.
And enjoying.
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Okay, Stefano. Let's be serious.

I'm complaining you.

I have read your threads and found that you want to learn many
good things and like to make many good things too.

But, I feel that you act in this way, e.g. towards Nelson Pass,
"Hey, You guy! You only! Come here and tell me what is this and
what is that. I don't understand what you say. Tell me more."

Who will like it? Look back yourself.

I'm going away out of all your threads.

Enjoy your fun and good luck!

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