Preamp suggestions


2010-12-11 10:11 am
I'm looking for a preamplifier kit to suit my needs. Right now I'm using a tortuga ldr pre but I have been told an active preamp would better suit my amplifier. Remote volume capabilities would be highly regarded.

I have looked at amb's a10 and it looks ideal.

Current setup
Holton nxv500l amplifier
Dual mono buffalo dac with ivy output stage
Thiel cs3.6

Any suggestions would be appreciated
Actual Listening is I dare say what you need to do.

I think if those telling you, listened to what you have presently,
they too would ask why you would have any inclination to change.

You could speak to Anthony who runs Holton who may be
able to suggest component change to better suit your LDR pre.
He is on the forum, Aussie Amplifiers - diyAudio

and has a web page Contact Us – Holton Precision Audio

Similarly Morten at Tortuga is the person to contact.

Let us know how it all goes.

Cheers / Chris
..............but I have been told an active preamp would better suit my amplifier.................
Is that because you told your advisor/s that you usually have your volume control turned up to the maximum and even then, it is still not loud enough?
That scenario would indicate a lack of gain in your system.

If on the other hand you never reach maximum on your volume control because it is already too loud and starting to distort, then you have too much gain and could benefit by adding a bit of extra attenuation, so that you can use more of your volum control range.
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