Preamp Numbers; good, bad, ugly?

Please comment on the following specifications of a line amp.

Bandwith(-3db) = 0.5/200Khz per ch
Maximium output (10k ohm load) = 9.6V
Maximium output (600 ohm load) = 9.0V
Separation (1kHz) = >115 db below right ch
Separation (20kHz) = > 100 db below right ch
THD (20kHz @ 3 volts out @ 10 k load) = <0.001%
Noise - ref. 1 volt out (20kHz Bandwith) = -120db
Line voltage Min 100 Max 144
D.C. Volts out +/- 22.6V
A.C. ripple + noise +/- 170uV

Good, Bad, Ugly or impossible?

Actually those are the numbers provided by the manufacturer whom built the pre-amp himself by hand one at a time in his comercial outfit. I bought one from him and it sounds, well like no sound or character I can distinguish. But I am not sure whether he did actually take the measurements or just copied from some other documentations.

Thanks for your comments.