Preamp for Power Follower

I want to build Andrea Ciufolli's Power Follower 99, but it needs input with a voltage swing of 15V and 300Ohm. I've asked Mr. Ciufolli, and he told me it's about 40 times of gain. Becaue I'm all tubes guy most of the time, and would have built it using a pair of 12ax7, i would like to ask for your help with a solid state pre amp.

Right now i have three ways that i may choose to proceed:
1. Build it as it is, then try it with different line amplifiers and pre amplifiers, solid state and tubes, as long as they can provide enough gain.
2. Add a Driver stage the the scheme, making it a power amp that can be driven by any preamp, maybe even directly from a good source.
3. Add a complete preamp to the design, making it an Integrated amplifier.

I must say Andrea's design is great, SE Class A is the stuff dreams (and by that i mean amps which will always be out of my reach) are made of. I've build his OTL amp, and it is spectacular.