Preamp design (Aleph P 1.7)

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Hello to all...
Well - excuse me in case if this post is totally dumb, but I had a question - maybe someone coud help me.
I just started building a pair of aleph's 2 (well - ok - ordered the parts for the first stage) and I am thinking about suitable preamp too. My problem is that I want to create a sort of modular preamp - since if my aleph's will be successfull I plan later to expand to a nice cinema sound (canton speakers). What I actually want is maybe someone here is capable to separate the original design of the schematics so that there is nice 1channel + volume control per PCB (or separated on two - easly pairable) boards. Unfourtonately I really doubt whether I will be able to do it properly after starring at the original schematics for about an hour (well - i'm sort of beginner)...
What I can see in my imagination is something like a central control box with 8 control outputs (from the design it appears that it could be simply paralel binary signals) and 1-8 preamp boxes - each having it's own psu, input and output. (ok - this eliminates source choice, but - who uses it on regular basis anyway)... Maybe a master can share a thought? (all credits to him ;) )
Monoblock pre-amps ! way cool idea

and idea maybe to design a PCB which has a single preamp cuircuit and a relay controlled resister volume ladder with a relevent relay buffer/decoder. There will be 4 connectionsto make to the PCB :
audio in, audio out, relay control bus and power supply
you could make as many of these are you want. But then make one backpanel which has 3 inputs for each channel and have a relay to switch these down to one output, this will make your selecter. connect the outputs from the selector to the pre-amp inputs and have a controller board that can handle up to 8 volume controls and 1 selector board. if you like, put the selector and controller board in one box, then a pre-amp and it's powersupply in a seperate box.

just my 2cents :)
you got the idea :)

Yep - you got the idea. And actually such design would allow quite advanced channel balancing and volume matching procedures to be incorporated in the control unit. The only problem (well - sort of :) ) is the fact that each of the separate preamp boxes will require it's own power supply. But on the other hand it again isn't anything that couldn't be resolved by simply adding the external PSU too - let's say 1 for each 3 channels :)

Norwegian lurker has layouts laying at home ;-)

I have made layout for mono blocks of the Aleph P1.7 with relay controlled resister volume ladder.
I have not finished the controller circuit or built the Aleph P1.7 yet.

As I am in the prosess of rebuilding my house to get a room to work on projects like this, it`s going to be a while before I have the time to build this thing...
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