Pre-amp system concepts

Hey guys, i am gonna build myself a new pre-amp.
My needs are for completely unbalanced (due to my source and power amp). So i was after the daddy of all daddy's pre-amp schematics

I plan of getting a son of zen unbalanced, then feeding this to about 6 relays with resistors for the volume control (i think you could then get about 36 steps, hopefully on a logarithmic scale), relays would also switch the inputs. The relays would be all controlled by a microcontroller of some sort.

Does this concept work well? and is the son of zen the best pre-amp?

Could i get 6 channels of these in to a 2U or 3U rack?

6 channels is enought for surround isn't it? but it would cost me a heck of a lot in relays, i have to see if i can get a box of them cheap. Whats a OK make and type of relay for this pourpose?

I guess i would have to make sure there isn't any DC cause i would get switching thumps from the relays. But i wanted it direct coupled, (i.e no caps in signal path) by using DC correction servos or something. is it possible? :rolleyes:

any ideas or comments?

could i put any more question marks??? :eek: