Pre Amp/Buffer and Amp for a Ukulele with an under saddle Piezo pickup

I am an ocational electronics hobbiest that now plays Ukulele.

I'm building a solid body electric Ukulele and the plan is to use an under saddle piezo pickup with built in electronics. The end result would be a buffer/preamp, for impedance matching, and an amplifer to power headphones when plugged in and then amplify another stage to run a speaker.

I have tried several circuits using J201 and MPF102 transistor buffer circuits and LM360 and LM380 amplifer circuits. All have had a lot of noise and distortion so far.

I have built an amplifier to plug into a headphone jack and power a small speaker before using a LM380 before and it works well.

Mostly I need a low noise buffer and enough amplifer to drive the headphones.

Any help?