PPI LM833N dropping and predriver resistors?

I have a PPI Sedona apa500-ix where it looks like power came into contact with the RCAs. This is a second hand repair job, and someone fussed with the first LM833N. I replaced the replacement, and fixed some burnt traces. I have two things I need from you guys.

1) LM833N PS dropping resistor values? - R48 & R49 go to the VCC and VEE for 6 of the ICs

2) Predriver Collector power, R102 & R118. Look to be 1 watt size but maybe 2 watt.

I figured this one out. There were quite a few burnt traces and I hadn't cleaned and fixed everything yet when I made this post.

The R102 &R118 go to the collector regulator transistor for the +/- 15V supply and I replaced those with 100R1W.

Then for R48 and R49 I used 120 ohm.

Amp now functions.... but I lost the Mica Insulators if you can believe that(!) so I haven't fully tested.