PPI A404 + JL 500/1 - on same 4 gauge?

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Hi, I currently own a PPI A404 and am looking to buy a JL 500/1 Slash series amp. I am running the A404 in 4 channel mode to power my front and rear speakers. I would plan to use the 500/1 to power two JL 12W6v2's. The subs will be in a custom sealed box with 1.25 cubic feet for each sub.

I'm already have one 4 gauge wire run from the battery to the fuse block. Will this one 4 gauge be sufficient to run both amps? Is it recommended run a second 4 gauge from the battery or maybe just a short one off of the existing fuse block?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I wouldn't worry about it. I would probabally run annother 4 ga wire from the fuseblock (you said you already had a fuseblock/D-block at the amp, what else is plugged up there?) to the 500 watt sub amp. You can just put the short 4 ga feed to the "input" side of the fuseblock (if it has multiple terminals on it's input) without a fuse since you aren't dropping to a smaller wire size.

You might have to use a bigger fuse at the battery. You might have to go from an AGU fuse to an ANL wafer fuse.

Now, if you find you need the wire to support over 150 amps, then you should seriously consider getting a 2 ga wire ora second 4 ga. Bust I highly doubt that your 500w sub and main speakers amp would overstress the 4 ga. Now, if 4 ga was insufficient, you'd also have to upgrade your charging system, too.
Dr. Photon, thanks for the response, it is appreciated!

The only thing attached to my current fuse/distribution block is the PPI A404. So when all upgrades are complete, it would be just the JL 500/1 and the PPI A404.

I will check into the fuse at the battery end.

So, is the "limit" for a 4 gauge wire 150 amps?

In summary, would the "main" 4 gauge support both amps with any breathing room (to spare)?
You should have some breathing room on that wire. You can definitely add annother amp and active crossover to bi-amp the main speakers. You can probabally also add a second subwoofer amp (since it seems your subwoofer setup is good, you might just consider "doubling" it to upgrade).

150 amps is fine for 4 guage. you should be able to pull 200 amps too, but around that level I would start thinking about upgrading. You would have to upgrade your car's charging system before replacing the 4 ga with something bigger.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.