Powering two miniDSP units from one supply

I have two units (2x4) and want to tidy things up by putting both in a case with a single power supply. They run from 5v to 24v and draw 150mA (at 5v).
The obvious solution seems to be to run both from a SMPS (in parallel). I have a 12v Meanwell that would comfortably handle the current draw, but... I haven't seen any examples of people doing this. Is there a reason for that?
If it's not a good idea then I could just get another one, or maybe go linear. I have a torroid with 2x15v secondaries that could feed one of those two output Studer based boards on AliExpress. The Salas l-adapter looks great but presumably I'd need two and I don't want to overdo things. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.
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It doesn't look like I'll get a response ☹️ have I asked a stupid question or is this in the too difficult box? I've tried to be specific, I'm just after a 'good enough' solution with reference to the limitations of some fairly cheap devices. And I'd like to learn a little bit too.
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People likely don't know the answer. I actually don't either, but will take a stab at it. :D

The 2x4 has analog I/O, details of internal PSU and design are unknown to me, the box was designed with the assumption that the supply was dedicated and likely floating. There might be things in there that would not like being connected to a common ground between two separate devices through external RCA jacks for example when powered by a common supply.

A couple of small 12V smps or 12V linear supplies would be my recommendation. I suspect the analog stuff might be running directly off of the DC input.

Good luck.
Excellent, thanks Kevin, and here's me thinking it's a very basic question 😁
I understand your answer and the 'it depends' part. I'll play it safe for now with separate supplies and you've given me a useful direction of research for this and in general 👍
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