powering TPA3116 with 24V - how much ampere

I see. Any recommendation for quite fans operate on 24V ?
lower the fan voltage with an lm 78xx or lm 317 regulator adjustable to your wishes...
btw - those mean well supplies - I am planning to mount it inside a wooden box - does it have place for mounting screws? It is not so obvious from the pics
Personally, I fixed small aluminum brackets on the sides, there are M3 or M4 threads.
Can I connect the speaker to the amp output using RCA female socket? or better to use speakon connector?
Highly NOT recommended. The TPA3116 is a fine amplifier but is is a 'bridge' amplifier
meaning there is no common ("earth", ground to us North Americans). To make it more
interesting, the datasheet does not include ouput coupling capacitors. The chip runs on
a single supply so both outputs, '+' and '-' are at 1/2 power supply, net Voltage across
the load is 0. Your connectors have to have nothing exposed like an RCA plug does and
must not be 'mixed up' with any other connctors in the system. Do NOT short the outputs
to anything else. I'm fully agreed on switching supplies for class D amps.

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I'm sorry to insist but I'm not sure I understand.
The powerconn sockets and connectors have 4 connection points.
1+, 1-, 2+, 2-

the output of the amp + will be connected to the 1+ and the output of the amp - (gnd) will be connected to the 1- . same at the speaker side. The + of the speaker (red wire) will be connected to 1+ and the gnd of the speaker (black wire) will be connected to the socket 1- .

Is the above configuration is right and should eliminate any shorts that should avoided?