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Powered speaker module 300Wx2, Class-D + SMPS + DSP commercial solution

Up for sale full design of powered speaker module 300Wx2, Class-D + SMPS + DSP commercial solution.
Class-D amplifier is based on IRS20957 self-oscillating.

You can change/upgrade the DSP board any time, the main design is based on the ADAU1701, with plug and play USB chip that works directly with the ADAU1701 software.

Please don’t waste your time and my time with questions related to audio measurements, because I never made them, and I will never generate them.
This design was the result of countless hours of research and development, and please remember this is a commercial solution and not something for DIY.

The deal includes

1- All Altium designer files
2- Enclosure design files in solid works
3- All SMPS inductors to build 80 PCs
4- All Class-D inductors to build 80 PCs
5- Boost inductors for VDR

There is only ONE sample made from that design, and it is fully and perfectly working, and can be sent after the deal is made for evaluation.

It is not a good idea to waste your time and my time if you are not a serious buyer


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