power thermistors


2001-11-24 1:24 am
greetings all!
i'm collecting the last bits for an aleph 5 amp and have a question reqarding thermistors. i read a previous thread and it was suggested to use an NTC device with around 6 to 7 amp/ 5-10 ohm rating. i found an "inrush current limiter" in my digikey catalog that seems to fit the criteria. can i use it or should i stick with traditional thermistors?
also, the NTC devices offered in the digikey cat don't seem to have the right ratings.

also, also, what about thermal protection of the outputs. NP uses a 75 degree thermal switch. can i use a thermostat? again, i found one that seems to perform the same function.

thanks for any help.


Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
The Digikey part for the inrush Thermistor is
KC006L-ND rated at 5 amps. They have larger and
smaller, and we routinely use one for each
transformer primary winding on the larger

The Thermal cut-out switch is made by PEPI,
and they have a fine product line at reasonable


2001-11-24 1:24 am

thanks for the validation, as i ordered the kc003l-nd before actually waiting for more posts. hope it works out. almost there, just a few more parts and my 60watt adcom can go somewhere else!!!
thanks again and i'm sure you'll be hearing from me soon.....hmmm maybe a preamp to match???