power resistor cables in SOZ

since i use 6 Dale 50W Resisors instead of one big resistor i have to connect the reistors in parallel with cables.
Due to the heatsinks i have to connect them with about 5 cm cabes between the resistors.
that means : resistor, 5 cm cable, next resistor and so on.

should i use special/thick cables to get best sound?
Does the 5 cm cables affect the sound?


Look at the amount of current each "resistor" will carry, divide by 6, then select a guage of copper wire which will handle this easily.

For the +/- rails, since all of the resistors (single or multiple) come from these I used copper strap (10x2mm) in a "bus" arrangement. Drilled holes for the resistor lugs to go through and soldered them directly. (this was overkill .... I just happened to have several meters of the strap lying around :) )

There are so many important things to consider, this just doesn't "rate" ...... as Nelson hints.

cheers, mark