Power problem with KRK VXT-8


2016-02-13 1:19 am
Hi everyone,

I've got a problem with a VXT-8 that I bought (on the cheap).
It doesn't power up. The light on the front doesn't turn on and it doesn't produce any sound, however, the fuse is fine and doesn't blow.

I've checked the power circuit but it doesn't show any visual damage, though the previous owner did remove the switch for both the limiter as the auto mute (completely off of the board). He says it doesn't affect the fact that it doesn't turn on because it worked fine before?

Also, when I turn the monitor on, it gives a short (silent) buzz, which then continues as a more silent buzz. I don't know if this is normal either or whether it tells us anything?

So my 2 questions would be; does the removal of the 2 switches potentially influence the fact that it doesn't turn on. And secondly, what else could it be? Perhaps the transformer, though they hardly ever break?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Could post pictures if needed!