Power output into 4 ohms


2006-10-10 2:52 am
I'm confused :confused: , which sadly happens more then I'd like to admit. I'v searched though many threads and through google, but still the answer eludes me. If both the Aleph 3 and Aleph J operate in single ended class-a mode, why does one double it's power into 4 ohms and the other halve it's power.

Aleph 3 60w into 4 ohms

Aleph J 13w into 4 ohms

Thanks for any input

The different sections of the Aleph amps are quite interchangable if you understand the different functions being used. I've just finished up a pair of monoblocks optimized for 4 ohms using the front end of the J and the output section quite like the 30 except with 3.6A bias and 55% AC current gain. It's quite easily done but does change the original design parameters so I just call them Alephs. They have bags of current capacity for difficult loads.


2004-06-30 9:05 am
Here are the schematic and distortion curves of my SRPP power buffer what I built.
The bias current is about 0.75A.
The AC gain is about 85% in order to let it work in Class AB mode.
If the AC gain is 50%, it cannot work in Calss AB mode.


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