power handling question


2005-10-11 3:26 pm
I wonder if you put 8 ohm resistor @10watt in parallel with a 8 ohm tweeter could the resistor handle putting 60 watts of power going to it?

The tweeter handle a 100w at 8 ohms, I'm looking to drive at 4 ohm with 60 watts. This should work right or am I crazy:eek:
That makes sense if you have something like a Motorola piezo tweeter .
i suggest you to move in the opposite direction ,which is having maximum efficiency ,and not throwing useful energy in a resistor that would transform it into heat . Also ,putting a resistor in parallel with a driver ,would mimic the effect of an Helmholtz resonator ...:confused::rolleyes:
which is not the case of a tweeter , even if some have a back chamber ...