power cord for HP 331a distortion analyzer

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I bought an HP 331A Distortion Analyzer on E-Bay (great deal: $29 !). It did not come with a power cord but I thought; "no problem, I have plenty of IEC power cords hanging around". I received it today to find it does not have a standard IEC replaceable cord connector on the chasis (three prongs with a connector with angled shoulders ) like you find on every PC, for example. It has three prongs and the connector is about as wide as normal but it is not as tall and it has no angled corners. This is an old piece of equipment built in the 70s and 80s and I assume this is pre-standardization. Is there a place to buy this style cord (or connector) or do I have to take it apart and put in an IEC connector? It's not a big problem but I would prefer to check the equipment before I take it apart.


Sure, and if they are not shielded by rubber boots, it's also a good way to pop a fuse or much, much worse. If you can cut a standard plug's insulation to fit and the pins line up, I would try that first, then possibly use a different power socket if it bothers you.
maybe i should write it to not be IDIOT PROOF why would you not use boot's.. they come on all aligator clips unless you spacifically buy the ones with out them.. al mine have boots on the yellow green red black.. any ways its a cheaper way than spending all the money and time looking for a cable to not have something work..

The cord you are looking for can be obtained, but it'll
take some looking. I believe that Belden might
still make it.

But it may be a lot less effort to just put an IEC jack in place
of the current one. It'll take a bit of nibbling of the chassis
to get the hole size fixed, but that's not too bad. Just be
sure to not let any metal shavings/chips inside!

I believe that area of the chassis is not crowded. I do not
recall whether the old power jack was a combo unit with
power line filter, but I don't think so. If it did have a line
filter, you should easily be able to find a Corcom unit
with IEC jack and line filter. As the unit is totally analog,
filter choice should not be critical.

Don't forget that any mods you make will void the warranty. ;-)
Thanks to all. I'll see if I can safely jury rig something. I dont' think aligator clips will work because it's a pretty small recessed socket. I'll look through my junk box, maybe i have something I can slip over the blades. I already have IEC connectors and cords so if I have to do that it should only take an hour or two.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.