power amplifire circuit


2016-02-23 6:07 am
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Hi,I am going to make this amplifier but I want to know the wattage of the speaker which is 6 ohm speaker..

+vcc and -vcc is 6v battery.
Vin is audio Jack connected to phone using Signal Generator app on phone.

So I want to know the wattage of 6 ohm speaker..
Please help..


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I also attached the main parts datasheets..
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Theoretical max output power for class-b push-pull is Pa=(V*V)/(8*R)
so if your voltage is +6V / -6V then Pa max = (12*12)/(8*6) = 3 W
I think it's even lower than that.
The maximum AC output voltage is ~1/3rd of the rail to rail voltage into higher impedance loads.

with a ±6Vdc supply the maximum output will be ~4Vac and more likely around 3.5Vac
Maximum Output Power = Vac²/Rload = 4*4/8 = 2W into 8ohms
or for a 4ohm loading 2.5²/4 = 3W into 4ohms.