Potentiometer & Power Switch Help


2015-10-23 12:17 pm
Hi there,

I am making a stereo tube amp. I am using a 100K dual (ALPS, six legged) pot for volume.

Instead of having another power switch, I want use a rotary volume pot with built-in on/off. So basically, I need 100K dual on/off volume pot.

I can't find an unused dual one. All I find is mono (with three legs) Maybe I am looking at the wrong places. Is there any place that I can find good quality dual pot with on/off?

As far as i now pots with power-switches has not been made in 20 years. If you find one then the chances of obtaining a spare is minimal.

You _might_ make one with a microswitch and a cam om the pot shaft, the cam
activating the switch at bottom level. But i admit it's flaky as best , better is
to use a separate power switch it's safer, it may be replaced in the future.